Late Night Thoughts (8)

It was possible something minutely divine was at play, in the vein of spying the last ripe avocado, or ripping the tag off a new shirt. Life just seemed a little better for the sinfulness. A message here or there, a provocative dream, a craving late at night when they were each alone. If only they knew what was a beginning and what was a detour.

A Letter to The Reader

Hello Reader,

You may be wondering what has brought you here and whether or not you should abandon this corner of the web and dive back into the wormhole of tweeting, blogging, snap chatting, posting, meme-ing, and trolling from which you somehow escaped. I would ask that you allow me a moment of your time, to explain my presence and to entice you to stay and read on.

This is how it starts – one line of text that revolutionizes the way we think, feel, act and react. In all of human history, no technology – no advancement, has made itself felt both beyond this solar system and within our very natures and biology as has the written word – and the limit of it’s scope has not yet been reached.

Here I have and will continue to compile my own contribution to the evolution of language, dropping my grain of sand onto the strands that have been amassed by the ages of writers who came before. I’m a multi-genre writer; I tend to find not one genre or style best fits what needs to be written. If you delve into this blog, you may find poetry, screenwriting, nonfiction or memoir, slam, and vignette. If you venture further you’ll encounter works spanning the real and surreal, classical and experimental, psychological and factual, and some that don’t quite belong anywhere.

Make of it what you will.